Chairman's Message


It is a great pleasure for me to assume the responsibility as Chairman of Ellaquai Dehati Bank, a premier Regional Rural Bank of Jammu & Kashmir State. I thank all of you for the cordial welcome warmth and affection shown by you while welcoming me as Head of the “Team EDB”. This has cast upon me the responsibility of leading you in the march towards the achievement of new milestones of growth and development of the bank. I am assuming this responsibility at a time when the bank as an outcome of your sustained and structured efforts coupled with the visionary leadership of my predecessors as Ist time achieving the turnaround position in its operative profits. Now we are at the critical stage of take off to new heights. We cannot afford even a bit of laxity in our sustained efforts and have to put in motion a greater movementum to continue in this improvement in our net results so to place our bank on a solid foundation. My prime motive of sending this message to you is not customary only but to share some very important concerns which need immediate attention by all of us irrespective of our role/positions in the bank. These concerns are time bound and in direct relationship with sustaining the profitability and growth in our bank.

The gravity of the situation demands that the following areas should need our immediate attention with specific actions:

  • Deposits: Deposits provide raw material of our operational cycle. Our efforts should not restrict towards the achievement of budgetary targets but to overshoot them. Everyone at the branch from Office Attendant to Branch Manager has to contribute in achieving the targets. Comfortable cost of funds is very important for a bank as such the 60% mobilization of deposits should be in CASA for healthy Net Interest Margin of our bank.
  • Other Income: The Non Interest Income contributes direct income in our profitability. This is the area, where our preference has scope for substantial improvement. Since our remittance business is limited to the only area which can contribute to the areas is the Cross Selling Business. Branch needs to cooperate fully with the Head Office Cross Selling team towards achieving the targets.
  • Advances: Advances are the assets of the bank representing the main earning towards profitability. We have to put our efforts for achieving the budgetary targets and creating our asset base of best quality. The sanction and disbursement of loans and advances should become our top priority. The process needs time bound disposal of borrowers requests.
  • NPA Management: Our bank with very thin earning margin cannot afford the non performance of our existing assets. Close monitoring is needed to arrest the slippage and place in action the immediate remedial measures. Also we have to enhance our efforts for minimizing existing NPA Assets by recovery, towards up gradation, compromise/onetime settlement and write off.
  • Customer Service: Whatever the efforts we may put in for achievements towards the growth, the results will be zero if we ignore the main person to focus is our customer, because he is the centre of all our business achievements. My earnest appeal to you is to sit back for a moment and think how we can improve services for our customers. Customer service has several dimensional, behavior manner comes first. We should maintain a cheerful deposition in dealing with customers. Quick response time towards customer, Better knowledge of banks products and schemes for the customer needs, clean premises and improved ambiance are the key to better customer service. If we take up personnel responsibility of improvement in customer service, I am sure we shall overcome all the hurdles in achieving our goals in the bank.

While sharing the above concerns with you, I assure you that as team leader, I will always be available for support and guidance in our march towards achievement of our business goals.

  • God bless you and your family.
  • With warm regards,
  • Parvinder Bharti
  • (Chairman)

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