Public Notice for Implementation of Pension




Pursuant to the publication of notification in the official Gazette of Govt. of India on 05.12.2018, Ellaquai Dehati Bank (Employees) Pension Regulations 2018 have come into force on and from 5th December 2018. The existing officers /employees, retirees and family members of the deceased employees /officers of Ellaquai Dehati Bank are now eligible to opt for Pension/Family pension and NPS as the case may be.

As such all the concerned are informed through this Public Notice to submit “Option” in writing within one hundred and twenty days from the notification date i.e.: 05.12.2018 (upto 03.04.2019) to become eligible for pension /family pension and National Pension Scheme at the branch/Regional office or Head office of our Bank from where he/she is working/ had last worked.

Besides all the concerned are informed through this public notice to note that if they don’t exercise  the  option  up  to  03.04.2019  on  the  prescribed  form/s  they  shall  be deemed not interested in opting for pension/ family pension/National Pension Scheme and  shall continue  to be governed under the existing scheme/arrangement.

Further, all the retirees and family members of deceased employees/officers who after exercising the option upto 03.04.2019 and don’t refund the amount (the corpus comprising of Banks’ contribution to provident fund and interest accrued thereon till the receipt  of  the amount by the employee/family) within 60 days after the expiry of the said period of  120  days (03.04.2019) shall be deemed not  interested in opting for  pension  and family pension  and shall continue to be governed under the existing scheme/arrangements.

For details and option forms please contact any of our branch/ office/ CPPC/ Regional Office/ or Head Office. The notification and option forms are available on Bank’s website For any assistance please contact Manager HRD or Manager Central Pension Processing Cell at Head Office on undernoted Mobile Numbers: 9797797204, 7006912558.


(Mir Mohammad Akbar)

General Manager

Attachment Public Notice for Implementation of Pension

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